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Legislative Bill NM HB 102

A New Mexico state legislative bill was introduced this week, NM HB 102, sponsored by a physician legislator, Rep. McMillan.  


Creates "scope of practice committee" to be composed of eight members from the legislature. Requires "A person proposing a change to an existing scope of practice, the regulation of an unregulated health profession or the establishment of a licensing board" to submit the proposal to the committee for review.

Directs the committee in reviewing the proposals to:

·         collect data from proponents and opponents

·         provide public notice of meetings and public comment on the proposal

·         invite comment "from persons with knowledge of the field of the proposal"; and

·         consider harm or benefit to public safety, impact on overall health care costs, impact on access and quality, and whether the public safety can be protected by other more cost-effective means

Requires the committee to summarize its findings and recommendations in a report to be delivered to the standing committees which the legislation will be referred to in the following legislative session

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NP SIG Celebrates 25th Anniversary in 2015

The Nurse Practitioner SIG will be celebrating their 25th Anniversary in 2015.  The NP SIG was approved in October of 1990 with 30 charter members.  There have been many NP SIG leaders who contributed to our history:


Rebecca Hawkins RN OCN®

Karen Greco PhD RN MN ANP

Kathleen Murphy-Ende RN PhD PSYD AOCNP®

Laura Stempkowski RN MS CUNP


Terri Armstrong RN PHD ANP-BC

Diane Cope PhD ARNP-BC, AOCNP®

Wendy Vogel MSN FNP AOCNP®

Barbara Biedrzycki PhD, CRNP AOCNP®

Margaret Rosenzweig PhD APN-BC AOCNP®

Tamika Turner MS NP-C AOCNP®


Kansas nurses face opposition in push for more independence from physicians



Study of Providers of Genetic Counseling

You are invited to participate in the following study:

Study Title: Genetic counseling, education, and testing for an hereditary cancer syndrome in individuals aged 18-24: Provider perspectives.

We invite Registered Nurses with 2+ years of experience in hereditary cancer genetics to take part in a survey about your professional preparation, attitudes, and experiences with 18-24 year olds at risk of an hereditary cancer syndrome. 

If you agree to participate, you will be asked to complete an online survey that will take approximately 20-30 minutes. Participation is voluntary and anonymous. You may withdraw from the study at any time. 

You may copy and paste this link in your web browser:

This study represents a collaboration between the National Cancer Institute and the University of Pennsylvania School of Social Policy and Practice. Should you have questions about the study, please contact:

Allison Werner-Lin, PhD, LCSW
University of Pennsylvania
School of Social Policy and Practice

Lindsey M. Hoskins, PhD, LCMFT
National Cancer Institute
DCEG Clinical Genetics Branch


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